Clutter Clearing: Feng Shui Benefits of a Painting Project

Most of us put off repainting a room that is loaded with stuff. It’s a big job to move everything so you can be ready for a painter. But, there are actually two opportunities to clear clutter when you paint a messy room.

A client of mine who has great difficulty getting rid of things decided to paint a dark family room that was loaded with books, VCR tapes, games, craft supplies and anything that landed there when people came in her back door. She not only cleared out bags of things when I helped her pack up the room, but after the painting job was done, she cleared even more.

Having the opportunity to experience the room with no clutter motivated her to take special care when unpacking the boxes of things that had formerly populated the room. She loved how peaceful the room felt with its new lighter paint job and wanted to preserve that feeling. Therefore, she was much more discerning about the items that could come back into the space.

So, if you’ve been avoiding the work you must do to repaint a room, remind yourself that great benefit will come from your efforts. The project will force you to do some serious clutter clearing. Not only will you lighten your load and end up with fewer annoying objects to manage, but you’ll be improving the feng shui of the space. Less clutter = better feng shui!

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