Feng Shui: Small Changes Can Get Your Life Moving!

Is life feeling ho-hum? Perhaps you need an energy pick-me-up in your home or office! When you see the same thing every day you tend to stop really seeing it. It’s as if the details of your space become invisible. What that means from a feng shui perspective is that you no longer benefit from the energies of those items that have become invisible.

One way to perk things up is to deliberately move small items around. Rearrange your books. Take a piece of art off the wall and hang it in another room. Move plants to new locations. Add or remove decorative items.

Every time you move an item, you are shifting energies. Because everything is connected, the energy shifts that you cause when making small changes in your space result in energy shifts in your life. Also, when you move things around, you are creating new views. You see your space differently. Seeing your space differently can translate into seeing life differently. Moving things also signals the Universe that you are open to change, open to new, wonderful opportunities coming into your life.

Go for it! Give your space an energy pick-me-up! Then pay attention to how you feel and how your life starts moving again. It only takes moments to do, but the payoff can be powerful!

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