Change Your Thoughts to Clear Clutter

Ever wonder why some people have cluttered spaces and others do not? There are many reasons, but one dynamic I’ve noticed with cluttered clients is that their thoughts shut them down. Here are some of the most common shutdown thoughts that have been shared with me:

“It will take forever to do . . .”
“I don’t know what to do. . .”
“There’s so much stuff. . . “
“I don’t know where to start. . . “
“I can’t do this. . . “

Thoughts are powerful. Mike Dooley of fame says, “Thoughts become things.” When clients hang onto the thoughts above, they end up with clutter that grows exponentially. Their thoughts keep them from taking action to improve the condition of their space. And, like English Ivy, clutter left unattended attracts more clutter and spreads out over everything.

It makes sense then to control your thoughts so you can clear clutter and maintain a clutter-free environment. When the familiar words pop up, “It will take forever to do. . . “, replace them with, “If I do the big stuff first, I’ll see results quickly.” Recognize the thoughts that keep you from taking action and replace them with thoughts that help you move forward.

Change, “I don’t know what to do. . ” to “I know to start with the big stuff. I know that clearing big stuff helps me see results quickly and feel successful.”

When you hear, “There’s so much stuff. . . .”, think “I can start with the big stuff and see results quickly.” “Change, “I can’t do this. . .” to “I can do this remembering that doing something is better than doing nothing.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your thoughts motivated you to clear your space instead of creating and anchoring an overwhelming mess? It’s your choice! Choose your thoughts wisely!

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