Avoiding Clutter: Don’t Stop for Long!

Have you ever noticed that your space that be neat as a pin one day, and the next it looks like a cyclone hit it? How does that happen?

One way that the cyclone effect can occur in your space is for you to take a complete break and stop doing important maintenance behaviors: put things away, throw things away, give things away. You may have thought, “I’ll get to cleaning up later.” Or, you may have just enjoyed the moment, unconscious of the chaos you were creating.

Whatever the reason, completely stopping is an invitation for clutter to accumulate and take over your space. What starts out as a disheveled environment can very quickly become a nightmare. What takes only minutes to restore to order can grow into an organizing challenge that takes many hours or even days to complete.

Every day you make choices about what you do with your time and energy. Commit to picking up, putting things away, throwing things away and giving things away every day. You will keep chaos at bay and you’ll find peace in your space. Remember, it only takes minutes to maintain order and peace of mind!

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