Clutter Clearing Can Be Comforting

I’m sitting in McDonald’s in Kilmarnock, VA, taking a break from watching the process of my step-father’s death. I’m attempting to take care of myself in the midst of a very painful phase of life–helping parents at the end of life.

Because it’s hard for me to write and work on aspects of my business, I’ve been doing what I teach clients to do when they can’t do what they think they should be doing. I’ve been clearing easy stuff. Today the easy stuff is emails that just aren’t important given what is going on right now. It’s amazing how easy it is to clear out emails that I usually pause over. I just don’t have the time or energy to consider all the discussion group emails, the networking emails, the offers of products to buy. And, I certainly don’t need them cluttering up my inbox!

I’m saving all the kind notes of support from friends and people who read my newsletters and blog posts. I want to thank each person for their kindness. I’m responding to emails regarding appointments, speaking engagements and other aspects of my business. Nothing else really matters right now.

Somehow clearing out the non-essential emails has helped me feel more in control of my life at this moment. I am certainly not in control of what is happening with my step-father. The hospice nurse said the timing of his death depends on his will, that it’s between him and God. I’m just an observer of a process that is so much bigger than me.

Clutter clearing can be comforting in difficult times.

2 thoughts on “Clutter Clearing Can Be Comforting

  1. Madeleine Lawrence

    Dear Debbie,
    I was so sorry to hear your sad news. What a difficult time you must be going through. I hope you can give yourself lots of TLC, and maybe if you’re up to it a little bit of fun with friends.
    With my warmest wishes, Madeleine

  2. Shawna

    Oh Debbie, I send you as many warm email thoughts as I can.

    Take as good a care of yourself as you can right now.
    [I turn to aromatherapy essential oils. They do help.]

    At times like this there really aren’t any right words, so I send all the good thoughts I can your way.


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