February Clutter Clearing: A Little Clearing Can Make a Big Difference

Combat those winter blues by clearing out the old to make room for new opportunities, new relationships, new prosperity. It’s so easy to succumb to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) at this time of year. Gray skies and a drab landscape devoid of the rich colors of green lawns and flowering plants can be a perfect setup to funk out.

When I feel funky and out of sorts I know I’m in a negative energy spin. One way I combat those negative energies is to look for some part of my home, office or car to clear. I may find myself in my glove compartment, a fairly manageable clearing spot. Or, I’m back in one of my clothing drawers, getting real about the shirts I really do wear. Clearing out items that I no longer love or use frees stagnant negative energies and I quickly find myself feeling empowered and energized.

When you clear out even the smallest of spaces, you are making room for new, good things to come to you. Try it. Choose a small clearing project, for example, a shelf in your pantry or linen closet. Pull out items you no longer use or love and create a new order out of the remaining items. Donate or trash the items removed as soon as possible.

Pay attention to how you feel. I’ll bet you’ll feel lighter and a bit more optimistic. No matter how much clutter you still have to tackle, whenever you clear anything, you’ll be shifting negative energy to positive.

Fight the winter blues and blahs with deliberate clutter clearing and you’ll transform this challenging season into a time of opportunity and empowerment. When spring comes your load will be lighter and your outlook brighter!

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