Clear Clutter to Get Your Dream–Alpacas Here We Come!

Attic Before Clearing

Do you have a dream? Are you having trouble figuring out how to make it come true? Guess what? You don’t have to figure it out. Just clear clutter!

You may be thinking I’m naive, that everything must have a step by step plan, or at the very least I’m being very simplistic about the process of dream catching. And, a voice in your head may be chattering, “This lady has lost her marbles.” But, I have proof. Let me tell you about Julie’s progress toward getting her dream.

Julie, a friend and client, has had a dream of buying a farm in the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina and raising alpacas. She’s held that dream in her heart through the years of being a single parent to two sons. Now her sons are grown and she took the first step to reach for her dream: She made her first decision by believing her dream was possible and setting her intention that 2012 was the year that she’d have her farm. The first challenge to be faced was selling her house in Richmond, Virginia.

For years she’s heard me talk about the power of clutter clearing, about clearing clutter to remove barriers to getting what you really want. Julie was very clear that lightening her load was essential to ensure the sale of her house. So, the second decision she made to make her dream come true was to hire me to help her clear out her house.

From January until early April Julie and I spent at least two hours most Fridays going through her house from top to bottom. We sorted everything in these categories: storage–definitely love it or use it items going to the farm; keep–love it or use it and staying in the house while it is on the market; donate or give away to specific people–not loved or used; trash–not useful to anyone. Carloads of stuff went to a local charity and the storage unit. Trash cans were loaded over and over again. Week by week Julie’s house felt lighter and lighter. Making all those decisions helped her hold her vision of what she really wanted, both for the sale of the house and for her vision of her next home. And, as things were moved out, Julie was pulling up her energetic roots in

Attic After Clearing

preparation for the move.

On my recommendation Julie also contacted Nina Newton a realtor with Long & Foster, long-time friend of mine and, in my opinion, the best realtor in Richmond. Nina let Julie know what she needed to do beyond clutter clearing to make her house sell quickly. Julie’s third decision was to trust Nina’s guidance and follow her recommendations. She hired painters to paint much of her house a buttery yellow and cover up wall colors that could distract potential buyers from the comfort of her home. She purchased new vanities for the bathrooms and had them installed. And, she removed a large pond in the backyard that could be seen as an annoying maintenance issue. That was no small feat because the liner and many rocks had to be removed and the large hole had to be filled in.

The fourth and final decision Julie made before her house went on the market was to hire Sylvia Diersen to stage the house. Sylvia arranged Julie’s remaining furniture and art, purchased a few items like throw rugs and towels, and made the house feel inviting and comfortable for prospective buyers.

The house was scheduled to go on the market on Sunday, April 15. On April 13, following the second showing of the house, Julie received a full price offer for her home.

Julie’s clearing removed barriers to the sale of her house. The clearing helped her think clearly and make good decisions about who to hire to help her prepare her house for sale. Does clutter clearing help you get what you really want? You bet!

Now, some of you are thinking, “but she hasn’t got her farm yet. . . “ You’re right about that, but the sale of the house will provide her with the financial resources to buy that farm. As the clutter was being cleared from her house, she was also finding resources like a realtor in Asheville and getting hands-on experience with people who raise livestock. Clearing clutter helped make space for those valuable resources to come into her awareness! Everything is moving in the direction she wants to go. And, it all began with a want, a belief and setting an intention.

Kitchen After Staging

What do you want? Just imagine what might happen if you held that want in your heart and believed that getting it was really possible. Allow that want, believe it’s possible and make a decision to go for it. Clear out anything in your space that you no longer love or use or that is incompatible with that want. Then, get ready for the ride that will take you to your dream! If Julie could do it with a want, a belief, clutter clearing and good decision-making, so can you!

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