I Love My Life! Clear Clutter and You Can Too!

I love my life! I love almost everything I do. I love my work. I have a great marriage. I have a comfortable home. I have good friends. I enjoy learning new things all the time. I have three great furry children. I’ve made peace with all family members. And, when I really want something new, I can usually find a way to get it. What a big change from the days when I was working full time for a school system, counting the hours until I could go home to watch a taped soap opera!

When I think about how I came to be in this good place, I can definitely say it was not a straight line to get here. Each step along the way involved some challenge, some pain, and some learning. I think what made it possible for me to maneuver through all the obstacles to a more fulfilling and peaceful place was that I have been vigilant about maintaining an organized, comfortable home. The order I created and the hard work required to maintain it has grounded me through the tough times. When I run into a rough patch, my stuff is not part of the problem. I can focus on the current challenge, supported by the systems I have in place that help me maintain order even during the worst of times.

Do you love your life? If not, why not? What would you change? Start by clearing your clutter so you too can clear a path to a life that you love.

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