Alpaca Dream Update–The Power of Clutter Clearing

Those of you who read my previous post entitled “Clear Clutter to Get Your Dream–Alpacas Here We Come!” may be wondering what happened to Julie, my client who intentionally cleared her whole house to go for her dream of living in the mountains and raising alpacas. Once the hurdle of selling her house had been handled, she set her intention on finding the right new home for the next leg of her journey. I was so excited when I got a call from her with news that she’s found that home. It’s just 20 minutes north of Asheville, NC, in a small community named Mars Hill. The house is the perfect size for her, is set into a lovely landscape, has been lovingly and meticulously maintained by its current owner, and she’s set to close on the house on June 4. The sale of her house will be final on June 14.

What’s interesting is that the current owner of Julie’s new house is an energy worker. I have always suspected that Julie is an energy worker in preparation. She is fascinated by Reiki , healing touch, feng shui, etc. So, the predecessor chi (energy left by previous owners) of the house is a good match for Julie!

Not only has Julie gotten a full price offer on her home, negotiated an acceptable contract for a lovely new home, but everything else seems to be falling into place. She had a camper and shed down at Sandbridge that she needed to sell. On a recent trip to the beach she easily sold both. All the arrangements associated with the move are being handled with relative ease!

Remember, Julie has been orchestrating this move by herself. She is a single mom of grown children pursuing a dream. How often do you hear of middle aged single women pulling up roots and setting off on an adventure? Not very often! I’m so impressed with Julie’s courage and determination! And, I’m impressed with what can happen when you get clear about what you really want! Julie got clear mentally, then got clear physically–by clearing her home of all items that she no longer loved and used. In so doing, she removed energetic boundaries that could have impeded her progress to follow her dream.

Julie’s journey still continues. I can’t wait to see where it will lead her. To her credit, she has managed to keep her fear of the unknown in check and take the necessary steps to keep moving forward. What is your heart’s desire? What do you really want, but feel unable to attain? If you don’t know what you want, or if you do, but can’t see a way to go for it, start by clearing clutter. Clear the energetic barriers that block you from having what you really want. Julie has demonstrated that clearing clutter can help make dreams come true!


One thought on “Alpaca Dream Update–The Power of Clutter Clearing

  1. Beverly

    This is my first response/participation here in the “community”.
    What a brave woman Julie is.
    I am interested to know if the lot and camper she sold were in Outdoor
    Resorts here in Sandbridge. The reason I ask is that I am here right now, opening our 4 units for the season.
    In cleaning them, I am also “clearing the clutter”. It is a good thing.
    Now, when I am done, hope this energy translates to my home, a MUCH BIGGER project.
    Wish me continued luck and strong, positive energy.
    ( :


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