I Have a Dream–Clear Clutter for Good!

My dream is to take the message “Clear Clutter for Good” worldwide! Clearing clutter for good is not about getting rid of clutter once and for all. After all, clutter clearing is an on-going process, not an event. However, with information and support it is possible to make clutter clearing a positive action 12 months of the year. How would your life be different if you made a conscious effort to clear clutter every single month of the year?

I believe that intentional clutter clearing makes space for good in your life and in our world in three ways.

  1. You get more of what you really want in all areas of your life.
  2. When you get more of what you really want, you are happier and become a bright light and positive influence in a world that has much darkness.
  3. You move static resources back out into the community in the form of donations and recycling.

To accomplish my dream I have established The 12 Month Clutter Clearing Community. It is a membership site devoted to helping people clear clutter for good. This year I am walking members through every area of the house, with clutter clearing advice in the form of blog posts, action plans, daily tips, and video tips.

I will also be telling the stories of three courageous women who have committed to 12 months of intentional clutter clearing with me. You can follow their journeys and find inspiration to tackle your own clutter clearing challenges.

To foster a sense of community and share ideas and resources, I will facilitate a monthly conference call where members can participate in conversations with other members in a community forum and groups of specific interest, and I will be answering specific questions about clutter clearing dilemmas.

How can you help? You can do three things right now:

  1. If you are not already a member, join now!
  2. Tell 3 of your friends/family members about the Community and ask them to join so you can support each other in your clutter clearing efforts. Ask them to “pay it forward” and ask 3 of their family/friends to join the Community.
  3. Start your own clearing project for just 15 minutes per day, notice how your life changes for good, and tell others about what clutter clearing has done for you.

Thanks for your help to share my message: Clear Clutter for Good!

© 2012 Clutter Clearing Community | Debbie Bowie

“Author, Organizing Expert and Feng Shui Practitioner Debbie Bowie, is a leading authority on clutter clearing to attract more of what you want in your life. If you’re ready to finally clear the clutter from your life and move your life forward, get your FREE TIP SHEET, “Feng Shui Tips for Instant Success” at http://www.clutterclearingcommunity.com.

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