A Compelling Desire vs. Clutter Clearing Tips

Painting by Nancy LeBlancI write a clutter clearing tip per day on The 12 Month Clutter Clearing Community website (clutterclearingcommunity.com). Each day I hope that what I write will spur those who view it into action. It’s like dropping breadcrumbs, hoping to lead people to a treasure! I have no way of knowing whether those tips make a difference or not.

When I think about my clients and those who have managed to turn their cluttered lives around, it wasn’t a tip or even a number of tips that made the difference. Tips can give you a new way to tackle an on-going clutter or organizing challenge, but they don’t motivate you to live clutter-free. What made the biggest difference in the lives of my clients was having a compelling desire, wanting something so badly that they commited to doing whatever it took to get it. The desire provides the motivation to push through the stuck points, get help if necessary, and do those daily behaviors that keep clutter at bay.

What is a compelling desire? Here are some examples from clients who have made significant strides with clutter clearing:

wanting to move to the mountains to raise alpacas,
wanting to go from painting hobbyist to making a living as an in-demand painter,
wanting to change careers from a totally consuming job to one more aligned with current passions,
wanting to live a proactive life instead of a reactive, crisis driven life,
wanting guilt-free down time
wanting to live debt-free.

If you’re reading this, you want something. Are you looking for a quick fix (tip mentality) or do you want something bigger? Remember, a compelling desire coupled with commitment trumps tips every day!

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