Alpaca Dream–More Clutter Clearing, More Benefits

Those of you who are wondering what alpacas have to do with clutter clearing will want to read my posts on April 24 and May 16 to get the complete story of Julie’s saga from deciding to go for her dream of moving to the mountains to raise alpacas, to selling her house to the second couple who looked at it, to finding a house near Asheville, NC before reading this post.

When I caught up with Julie last week I learned that she was moving full steam ahead with her plans to move to the mountains. Her journey since my last update had a few bumps, like the appraisal on the house she had hoped to buy coming in at $45,000 below the asking price. Despite a few sleepless nights, Julie decided to get out of the contract and look for another home. In her words, “ Things worked out for the best. The other house was really more remote than I wanted to be.” I have a hunch that Julie was able to make good decisions on her behalf because she had no physical clutter to make decision-making more difficult.

The new house that Julie found is within easy reach of Asheville, is on one acre, has a fenced

Indie and Sahara

yard for her three dogs, Sahara, Lili, and Indie, and even has a fenced area behind it that comes with goats! So, Julie can try her hand at raising livestock before she makes a bigger commitment to alpacas or sheep. And, the house is in excellent condition!

As so often happens in life, there have been delays with the closing of the sale of her house and the house in Asheville, but Julie keeps plugging along. When we last talked her movers had packed up her house and she was attending to the final details of leaving her house.

“I’ve had some sleepless nights. I’ve wondered what I was thinking when I contemplated this move, but I’ve never regretted my decision to go for it,” Julie said. “It was all a matter of trust, trusting guidance, trusting you, trusting Nina, trusting my Asheville realtor.

And, is she excited? If she was less tired, she’d probably be flying from the light fixtures! When she told me about the area where she’ll be living and discussed work opportunities, it was clear that she looks forward to exploring the area and all its opportunities. How many people do you know that need to find a job who are excited about figuring out what work to do next? Julie has a quiet confidence that it will all work out. She’s clear that what she’d doing is the right move for her at this point in her life. Her courage and trust are impressive!

And, clutter clearing? Julie continued doing it to the very end of the packing process. She even went through old photos, determined not to take any that were not important to her. She felt such relief and release and had experienced such positive results from the clutter clearing she’d done to help sell the house that she wanted to make sure she did all she could to lighten her load for her journey. I have no doubt that the clearing will continue when she unpacks. She wants no barriers to finding work, friends and new adventures in her new home.

Clearing clutter doesn’t guarantee that doors will open and that you’ll have smooth sailing. But, it does lighten your load, help you get clear about what really matters, and find the energy to move in the direction of your dreams. Julie, a single mother of two grown children, trusted that clutter clearing would help her find her way to fulfilling her dream. And, her dream is coming true. What is your dream? You too can harness the power of clutter clearing to go for it! It starts with a decision–to clear or not to clear. I hope you choose to get clear and soar!

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