Stop to Get Organized!

Today I took half an hour to reorganize my computer desktop. What a difference that has made! Before I did that I kept drifting to tasks that were not very important. I had great difficulty even deciding what was important to do. There was so much visual stimulation that I just took the easiest path–which happened to be doing whatever was right in front of me. It was the exact opposite of intentional activity. Now I know how my clients, particularly those with ADD, must feel.

Before I could get any relief, I had to take the leap of faith and stop trying to be productive so I could get organized. Then, once I was organized, the quality of my actions immediately improved. And, I noticed that I was also much more relaxed and less anxious while working.

Would stopping to take 15 minutes to clear clutter affect your productivity? Do it! Silence all those energetic distractions. Then pay attention to how much easier it is to determine your priorities and take action. Sometimes putting a stop to ineffective action is the best answer!

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