Clear Clutter, Love Your Life!

As I drove out to Kilmarnock, Virginia, to visit my Mom recently, I found myself feeling such joy. I was being fed with Peter, Paul and Mary on Pandora internet radio, the beauty of lush, green farmland, and gratitude for my comfortable home and solid marriage. Everything is alive with energy, and I was able to access positive energies from all those sources.

What made it possible for me to drink in the positive in my life? I had cleared some significant clutter the week before.

  • I went to court for a speeding ticket I got while singing along to Pandora on a previous trip to Mom’s house. I was lucky to come away with the opportunity to go to driving school and keep my driving record clean. After court I immediately found a school and got the class scheduled!
  • I’d recorded several videos for The 12 Month Clutter Clearing Community site, clearing some of my own fear and insecurity about speaking in front of a camera.
  • My house had been cleaned the day before.
  • My assistant had paid my bills, so I was current about our financial status.
  • I’d cleared some concern about my father’s well-being by calling him and discovering that his situation had improved since our last call.
  • And, I’d cleared at least 30 files!
Clutter comes in many forms: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. The gift of continual clearing for me was mental clarity, access to joy, and appreciation for all the blessings in my life–even those that had presented themselves as interpersonal challenges.
Let go and continually clear clutter. It could lead you to love your life and reservoirs of joy!

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