Goats, Not Alpacas: A Clutter Clearing Dream Come True

Julie, my client who had a dream of moving to the mountains to raise alpacas, whose story I’ve written about in my 4/24, 5/16, and 6/15 posts, says she feels like she’s come home. After clearing her house from top to bottom between January and April with my help, she sold her house to the second couple who looked at it, and moved to Asheville, NC in June. Julie’s new house came with goats, so for now she’s raising goats, not alpacas. But, Julie’s story is still a clutter clearing victory. Had she not committed to clearing out everything that did not support her dream, she could still be living here in Richmond, VA with her dream still hanging out in her brain.

I received an email of thanks from Julie a few weeks ago. She said all was well and was so happy she made the move. I called her yesterday to get more of the details about her new life living her dream.

“I love my house. I love the place. The people are so nice. I love my neighbors. People stop their cars when I’m walking my dogs to introduce themselves. I’ve found people to run with. I’m meeting people.

Julie's New Home

I’m going hiking tomorrow. I just love it. Not once have I regretted my decision to move.” I’d say the results of her clutter clearing efforts were primarily positive! When you clear clutter, you open a pathway for new, good things to come to you. That’s certainly what Julie has experienced. She just went through one of the most stressful experiences one can experience, selling her house and moving to a new location–all by herself! And yet, she is full of optimism.

Julie did mention that she has not yet found work, that the area is quite depressed, especially for professional positions. She said she may need to do odd jobs for awhile, but was not stressed about finding work. Despite not having a job, Julie is thrilled with her new life. She knows she is in just the right place and that she will be OK. How many people can say that about their lives–even when they have a paying job? Perhaps one of the benefits of clearing clutter and getting clear is an increasing awareness that all is well and that all things really do work together for good.

My clients often hesitate to clear clutter from their homes and offices because they’re afraid they may need those items that could be purged. Perhaps those things to which they cling to assuage their fears actually hold fear in place, blocking them from the relief, the freedom and the knowing that all is well and all things work together for good.

Julie’s story certainly is evidence that clearing clutter can make it possible to realize long held dreams. And, without the weight of excessive things cluttering her space, Julie is clearly attracting more good experiences and people into her life, exactly what she needs to thrive. Not only is she attracting good, but she is also able to drink in and appreciate all the good that is coming her way.

Remember, you too can clear clutter for good!℠

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