Clutter Clearing Dilemma: Allowing Space

Are you comfortable with space? Space in your cabinets, drawers, rooms. . . Some people feel compelled to fill in space that becomes available post clutter clearing. It’s as though they’ve gotten comfortable having packed spaces and the presence of space makes them feel nervous.

When you meditate you deliberately you quiet your brain and make space for new ideas, inspiration, and information. When you clear clutter, you make space that can be used to store more things, but you also have the option of allowing the empty space to remain unoccupied. Space in a home or office provides relief from the more noisy energy of objects in a room. Allowing space is another great way to quiet your brain and reduce distractions to inner guidance. If there is no room for new, good things to emerge, they won’t!

If you find that you are uncomfortable allowing space and feel compelled to fill all available spaces with stuff, ask yourself what’s going on that you must add more energy to the space. Some people are just practical and want to make the most of the space they have. Others have had traumatic experiences in their history. Old feelings long repressed will sometimes emerge when space is available–either space in your schedule or actual physical space. Keeping things packed tight can be an unconscious way to ensure that old feelings don’t emerge.

If you struggle to allow space in your environment, start small. Leave a little room in a drawer. Or, replace a large plant with a smaller one. Allow yourself a few days to adjust to the energy shift caused by making more space accessible. Make a commitment to resist the urge to fill in the space. Pay attention to your feelings. Hopefully any discomfort over time will transform to relief and pleasure to have breathing room.

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