Who’s Winning? You or Clutter Clearing Overwhelm?

Perhaps one of the biggest barrier to clearing clutter and attaining a relatively clutter-free lifestyle is clutter clearing overwhelm. A person might have the best of intentions to tackle their clutter, but when they approach the task they find themselves feeling completely overwhelmed. And, when they feel overwhelmed they come to a complete stop and/or run in the opposite direction. When they shut down, the overwhelm is winning.

What’s triggering the overwhelm? You’re probably thinking, “Well, duh, it’s the enormity of the task. What else would it be?” Looking at the enormity of the task most certainly is one aspect of what triggers overwhelm. But, there is another way to view the causes of clutter clearing overwhelm. When spaces are cluttered, the clutter itself is a source of negative energy. It feels really bad. Negative energies tend to repel us. Not only is the energy of the clutter negative, but it also talks to you. It says nasty things like, “If you weren’t such a slob. . .” or “If you were more disciplined. . .” or “You’re really hopeless at getting and staying organized.” That abuse that shows up in your thoughts contributes to feeling overwhelmed. And, finally, when a space is cluttered, the sheer number of items talking to you at the same time can be overwhelming. That’s not even considering the fact that every item requires that a decision be made about whether to keep it or pitch it, and if kept, where will it go?

As you can see, clutter clearing is definitely NOT for sissies! If you find that clutter clearing overwhelm has the upper hand, despite your best intentions to defeat it and be successful in your clutter clearing efforts, it’s time to get some help to better arm yourself to tackle your clutter and manage the overwhelm. You’ll notice my choice of words, “manage the overwhelm.” Overwhelm is a normal part of the clutter clearing process and can be managed. As I’ve discussed, both the size of the task and the energy of the clutter can shut you down in a heartbeat! You can give in to its power or make a decision to learn a different way to handle it. It is possible to win against clutter clearing overwhelm!

Stay tuned for my next post which will outline some of the most effective ways to manage clutter clearing overwhelm!

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