The Gift of Time: A Clutter Clearing Opportunity

A Clutter Clearing Victory!

My weekend plans were changed by a car problem. As a result, I was blessed with most of one day to do whatever I wanted. I could have done some writing. Or, I could have finished some tasks I couldn’t get to last week. Instead I chose to tackle the attic. Why? Because it was the first cool day when I had some time to work up there. And, the attic holds the energy of my hopes and aspirations. I have some compelling wants right now. I figured I could use all the positive energy I could get!

My attic is smaller than most, due to the pitch of our hip roof, and it can get congested very quickly. In the hot summer months it’s much easier to just drop items at the top of the pull down stairs instead of putting them where they really belong. So, my attic was a jumbled mess of negative energy. What a blessing to get most of a day to tackle that hot spot! Now I have a collection of items at the front door, including two bags of shredded supporting documents from our 2005 taxes. And, I have a neat, organized attic! Wonderful!

The next time you’re gifted with an unexpected block of time, consider it a clutter clearing opportunity. What will you clear?

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