The Feng Shui Bagua: A Tool for Reading Energies

The Feng Shui Bagua

I’ve received numerous questions about the feng shui bagua, a tool used by feng shui practitioners to read the natural energies in a space. Therefore, the purpose of this post is to give you a brief description of the bagua.

The bagua identifies the nine primary areas of a person’s life: wealth/prosperity, fame/reputation, relationships/love/marriage, creativity/children, helpful people/travel, career/life path, knowledge/wisdom, physical health/family, spiritual health/well being. It is constructed as a grid of nine squares arranged in three rows of three squares. This grid indicates where energies pool in a home, office, room or on a flat surface. By placing this grid over a floor plan you can determine where any of the nine energies is held in a particular space.

In form school feng shui the bagua is read from the primary entrance to the home, office or room. That entrance is almost always in one of the three squares across the bottom of the grid, the knowledge/wisdom gua, the career/life path gua, or the helpful people/travel gua. And, when reading the bagua for a home, you do it without consideration of where walls exist.

If the home, office or room is rectangular instead of square, you stretch the bagua into a rectangular shape and then read where energies pool. If a home, office or room is an irregular shape, you may be missing an energy or energies in that space or you may have an enhancement to one of the guas. A feng shui practitioner can help you determine what can be done to address the energy problems of irregularly shaped rooms or homes.

Once you determine where particular energies are held in a space, you can then determine if what you have in a particular gua enhances that energy, blocks it, or the energy is missing altogether. For example, clutter in any room is an energy block. Beautiful, precious items nicely displayed are energy enhancers.

What you have in a space affects what happens in your life. Looking at your space with the use of the feng shui bagua can help you identify energy challenges that once identified can be rectified. However, using the bagua accurately can be a complicated process. For more information about the bagua, I recommend Karen Kingston’s Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui and Terah Kathryn Collins’ The Western Guide to Feng Shui.

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