Starbucks Feng Shui and Productivity

I’m sure Starbucks is probably not thrilled that I use their stores as an extension of my office, filling a seat for hours at a time and buying just one drink. But, that’s what I do between clients, especially when it’s too hot or too cold to hang out in my car and too far from home or too short a time to make a return trip to my home office worthwhile.

Ever since Starbucks started offering free Wi-Fi I’ve been making Starbucks my coffee shop of choice. In the process I’ve visited a majority of the Starbucks in the Richmond area. Believe it or not, the feng shui of all Starbucks in NOT the same! I have my favorites and I’ve identified those where I just cannot work.

Recently I thought I’d try a new Starbucks in the Short Pump Town Center in Glen Allen, VA. I immediately noticed that the space was very small, not enough room to feel comfortable hanging out. And, the light was very dim. At first I thought the lighting must be different than in other stores, but then I noticed that the store was set back under an overhang that blocked natural light. And, it had windows on just one side of the store.

The stores that “feel” the best are places where I get the most productive work done. They have the best light, usually on at least two sides of the store. And, they have enough space to feel like a gathering space instead of a hit and run caffeine source, with a footprint that is more square than rectangular. Another factor is the clientele. I avoid one store because it is a drop spot for homeless people who ask for money.

If you too are a solopreneur who needs a temporary place to work out of the weather and enjoy Starbucks Wi-Fi and Starbucks coffee, chose a store with the best feng shui. Comfort matters! Comfort positively correlates with productivity.

One thought on “Starbucks Feng Shui and Productivity

  1. B. Todd

    Good article, Debbie. We usually think about our homes when we think Feng Shui. You have invited us to examine those spaces we frequent and how they affect our psyche and productivity.


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