Feng Shui: The Power of Associations

I first came across the original pastel of the Lee Bridge, a Richmond, Virginia landmark, when helping a client clear out her house in preparation for a move. I was not impressed by it at the time. When it was clear that my client was not attached to it and was prepared to donate it to a charity, I asked if I could have it to sell at a silent auction being sponsored by the alums of my college graduating class. My client readily agreed and I hauled it off to the Randolph College reunion.

The pastel didn’t sell at the auction, so I bought it myself. I’m not sure what possessed me to do that, but it felt right at the time. When I got the print back home I hung it in my dining room in a place where I see it every time I enter my living room on my way to the front door.

Over time I’ve become quite fond of the pastel. It has been comforting in a way I never expected. It looks nice on the peach colored walls. The bridge reminds me to look for ways to build bridges in my relationships instead of hanging out alone on islands. But, as I considered my growing affinity for the pastel I realized that its power not just limited to its aesthetic qualities and subject matter, but also as a result of its many positive associations. They are:

the association with my very special client who has since moved away from Richmond;
the association with Randolph-Macon Women’s college and the wonderful reunion weekend I enjoyed when it was for sale at the silent auction;
the association with art, my first love and source of soul food;
the association with pastels, one of my favorite mediums both in the art I view and own, but also as my next art learning goal;
the association with bridges which symbolize the significance of connections over time, and
the association with Richmond, VA, the place I’ve lived longer than anywhere.

With all those special, powerful associations and the positive energy it holds in place, I have come to love the piece. It is like an old friend who reminds me that there is much to be grateful for in my life.

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