Clearing Clutter Makes Space for Good Things to Come to You

For years I’ve urged clients and audiences to clear clutter to make space for opportunities and new, good things to come to them. I’ve taught them that if there’s no space, new, good things will not come to them. They will be stuck. Well, this week I experienced the truth of that message firsthand.

On Sunday I cleared out a bag of dog toys my dogs don’t like that had been taking up space in a storage cabinet. I planned to take them to a local rescue group. The toys are in my car and will be dropped off later this week. On Monday a client handed me a bag of dog toys, toys my dogs actually like!

So, Sunday I made space by clearing out the unused dog toys, and Monday new toys came to me. What quick positive return for my clutter clearing efforts!

Had I not been paying close attention to the flow of blessings and clutter in and out of my life, I could have missed that clear demonstration of the way feng shui works. What will you clear out to invite more good into your life? Let the clutter go and observe the lessons and gifts that come your way.

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