Clear Clutter to Ground Yourself for The Best Year of Your Life

Clear clutter now so you can soar in 2013!

I had the best of intentions to do a lot of writing in the week between Christmas and New Years. But, I just couldn’t do it. I’ve been dealing with some difficult challenges this past month with my mother who has dementia. It’s amazing how much emotional energy it takes to figure out what to do to keep her safe and at the same time allow her privacy and quality of life. And, I suspect that I’ve been grieving the loss of the competent mom that she always was. It’s hard to watch a parent decline.

Since I was shut down and couldn’t write, I decided to honor the state I was in, instead of trying to push past the exhaustion or beating myself up for not being more productive. I read a novel, watched some mindless TV, ran errands that had been on hold because of holiday travels and family obligations, and I cleared and organized my desktop. I got the new printer I needed and set it up. I hung my new calendars and entered addresses and phone numbers in my computer address book. I took a look at my finances and paid my mother’s bills. I did all that little stuff that is so easily put off. Why? Because it grounds me. Because I knew that by doing those tasks I was setting the stage to hit the new year with order in my office and my life, a great foundation for a great year ahead.

Yes, there will be more challenges with Mom’s health and her resistance to help. But, if I’m grounded and my own house is in order, I can handle whatever comes at me. And, if my office is clutter-free and organized, I will be able to write again when this grief patch subsides.

Start your new year on a positive note by creating order in the places you use the most. It’s the best investment of time and energy you could make right now. You will be signaling the Universe that you’re ready for the best year of your life!

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