The Feng Shui Benefits of Anchoring Rugs

Rugs that slide around are irritants! And, they are safety hazards. However, until recently most of my scatter rugs slid all over the place. In the busyness of life I kept procrastinating doing anything about that problem. That all changed when Mom was getting rid of a non-skid rug pad. It was free and it was in my hands. That reduced two blocks to solving my rug slipping problem–no cost and no hassle finding the right type of pad.

As I often do when I make a change to my space, I thought about the feng shui implications of my actions. Rugs that slide around are sources of negative energy because they are often askew and look messy. My dogs tearing through the house keep my rugs at odd angles despite my repeated efforts to straighten them. Even more significant is that rugs that move convey the energy of shifting sands, impermanence, and instability. Having that energy in my home attracts more of the same into my life. It also makes it hard to feel secure, safe, and grounded. And, of course, they are a safety hazard because rugs in motion can slide out from under you, resulting in painful falls and possible injuries.

As I put the rug pads under the rugs I immediately experienced a feeling of well-being, like something that was very wrong had been righted. It seemed like a miracle that the rugs no long moved–even with dogs darting around. A part of me that had been on high alert calmed down. With that source of irritation gone I was no longer distracted by the negative energy of scattered rugs. I hadn’t even been consciously aware of the energy cost of that distraction until I eliminated it. ¬†What a pleasure it was to feel more relaxed and able to settle down to work in my office.

As it turned out, the week following the rug anchoring was particularly difficult for me. There was a major family drama and my beloved Macbook died. As a small business owner who uses her computer daily for writing, slide programs and communication with clients, having my computer crash was like having a rug pulled out from under me. I am happy to say that I was able to navigate the rough waters of family conflict and purchasing and restoring files on my new computer (a completely new experience) with minimal challenge. And, when I needed a little extra help, I was able to find it. I am sure having my rugs well anchored provided me with energetic support and positive energy to face two major challenges.

Anchor your moving rugs and reap the benefits of greater safety, a greater sense of security, peace of mind, and an increased ability to navigate whatever challenges come your way.

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