Difficult Times, Winter Contraction

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting with my usual regularity. Once again I have been hijacked by family challenges. I recently had to move my mother from out of town to an assisted living facility closer to me, which in itself was a major feat given my mother’s resistance, her dementia and some interference from another well-meaning family member. Then, there has been a time of adjustment for Mom which has required a lot of support from me and much time spent to make sure she has the best life possible in her new home.

At times like this, when emotions are running high and energy is running low, I have had to pare back what I do to the bare minimum so I can survive the current storm. And, family comes first.

Unfortunately at stressful times like this I find it very difficult to write. Writing takes a kind of reflection and focus that are just not possible when I’m doing all I can to stay afloat with my personal life and my business. So, please accept my apologies for being absent for extended periods of time during the last few months. I am sure that once I reach a new equilibrium I will be back with many new insights to share. I look forward to writing some articles about what I’ve learned from my recent experience helping my mother transition to assisted living.

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