Are You Stuck?

Being stuck can show up in many ways. Following are some common stuck scenarios I’ve encountered in my 15+ years working

Being stuck is a lonely place.

as a professional organizer:

  • You’re working a job that pays the bills and pays for health insurance, but that you now find boring and unfulfilling. You want something more, but you’re afraid to leave the security of the paycheck, the familiar for the unknown.
  • You are unemployed and must find a job to survive, but instead of using your time on job search activities, you spend hours distracted by the lure of the interesting information on the internet and working on your computer.
  • You want to downsize and move to a smaller, more economical home, but can’t consider a move because your house is so cluttered and run down. You know what you need to do, but every time you schedule time for clutter clearing you get overwhelmed within minutes and quit.

When you’re stuck, you are wanting or needing something, but you’re unable to take action to get it. Being stuck is often accompanied by feelings of unease, anxiety, overwhelm and often depression. You can’t see any way to move forward. And, it can be an incredibly lonely place to be.

One option for getting unstuck is to partner with a trained coach. Coaching is a learning/action process for helping people take action to meet their goals. When people are stuck they have difficulty identifying their blocks to taking action. Their thinking can keep them paralyzed and unable to plan the steps out of their stuck spot. Addressing what seem to be insurmountable challenges with a caring, knowledgeable partner can transform an overwhelming challenge into a shared adventure of learning, awareness and action.

Are you stuck? Are you curious about whether coaching could help, but don’t really get what it’s all about? Consider doing a complimentary 30 minute Back on Track phone coaching with me. Schedule your sample session now!

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