Clutter Clearing: Making New Life & New Growth Possible

African violetRecently I bit the bullet and re-potted my very special African Violet. It had once been a healthy, lovely plant with dainty white flowers constantly blooming. Over time, however, having been in its pot growing like a weed, it had lost its loveliness and leaves began to rot and fall away. It was clearly time to do something to save this favorite plant. So, I took the plant apart and set each of the separate sections in water to develop roots for repotting.

As I was pulling it apart it occurred to me that what I was doing to bring new life to that plant is not unlike what I do with clients as we clear clutter. We pull apart piles of their accumulated stuff. Left alone those piles would only become more static, their energies more toxic and off putting. Accumulations of negative energy attract more negative into the lives of my clients. By pulling their clutter apart, making decisions about what is still worth keeping (alive) and what no longer serves them (dead), and creating a new order with what is left, we change negative energy, comparable to the rot of the plant, into positive energy, like the three new plants that were created from the struggling old plant.

Clutter clearing is an opportunity to remove the rot and create the conditions for new, healthy growth and blossoming. Sometimes you must dismantle what is to make new life and new growth possible.