Getting Things Done Makes Holidays Happier

Mom's Tree

Mom’s Tree

I’m flying high today because I finally completed the last large project of my coach training. I’d had to take an extension for the first time in my life because my plate was just too full, and family had to come first. That project had really been weighing on me!

Once a tough task is done it’s amazing to watch the burst of energy that comes from the completion. After I sent that project into cyberspace yesterday afternoon I no trouble clearing off my desk that just the day before had seemed like an insurmountable task. I got all kinds of little jobs that had been bugging me for some time knocked out. Those tasks had been hanging out because the big project had to take precedence. Once the energy block of the project was removed, everything seemed so much easier to do.

And, the benefits of that big completion are continuing! For example, I’m writing this blog at least a day earlier than I normally would. And, I was able to make myself write a coaching summary and send it off my client within an hour of our session. That rarely happens despite my best intentions! I can get right on tasks I normally might put off doing because I’m not distracted by that monster project.

Another benefit of that important completion is that I was able to be more present when I visited Mom for lunch today. There was more joy in the room because I had lightened my load by finishing that project. We were able to spend time enjoying each other and putting the final touches on her Christmas decorations.

What’s standing between you and the joy of this special season? What can you do today to lighten your load and give yourself the gifts of energy and pleasure?