Staying Clutter-Fee: Postponing Instant Gratification

sleeping womanWhen you’re tired at the end of a long day, it’s much easier to come home, drop your coat, keys, bags and whatever you carried from the car, plop down on the sofa, and rest than it is to put things away to create a new order. After all, putting things away is more work.

If you recognize yourself in the description above, have you ever noticed what happens in your space when do the drop and plop routine over and over again? Unopened bags and mail accumulate. You lose sight of your keys. And, gradually over time the order in your space melts down to an overwhelming mess. The worse the mess becomes the more overwhelmed you become, and the less inclined you are to take action to restore order.

Another option is to resist the urge to drop and plop. Delaying immediate gratification of your need to rest by even 15 minutes accompanied by important maintenance behaviors like hanging up your coat, unpacking your bags, putting things away, and sorting mail could pay off more than you realize.

When you follow through on a new commitment to settle in at home in a way that does not create new clutter, you are likely to experience more pleasure from the rest you eventually get because your space remains orderly and is a place of supportive positive energy. And, your actions will ensure that your environment does not become a source of stressful, negative energy typically associated with clutter and visual disorder.

It’s your choice. Drop and plop or invest 15 minutes or less to maintain order each time you come home. I challenge you to make that investment for at least 30 days. It takes 21-30 days to form a new habit. Congratulate yourself each day you successfully resist the urge to drop and plop. Notice how your space feels along the way. Awareness of the improvement in the energy in your space will show you that those few minutes every day are well worth the effort!