ADD: A Neurobiological Disorder of Remarkable Individuals

I’ve come to know and understand ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) by chance. My Scanned Image 102240007education about the disorder began when my husband, Bob, figured out that he has ADD. What a relief it was both to him and me to have a way to understand behaviors that did not serve him and caused challenges in our relationship! 

Then, when I began my organizing business I found that many of my clients had either been diagnosed with ADD or were showing symptoms of ADD. ADD challenges include having great difficulty creating structure, getting and staying organized, getting things done and managing time, all areas of support and service provided by professional organizers. Deficits in executive functions in the brains of people with ADD produce life management problems that can be so serious that seeking help from a professional is not a luxury, but a necessity. So, it seems I’m an ADD magnet. I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity to know be in the company of so many remarkable people. Let me tell you why.

Much writing and conversation about ADD tends to focus on the challenges of this disorder. Over the years I’ve been knee deep in the challenges, from digging through chaos reigning in their environments, to helping them repair mistakes made and complete tasks undone. But, seldom is there enough said about the laudable attributes of people with ADD. So, to balance the scales a bit, I’m going to share with you some of what I love about my husband, friends and clients who have ADD.

  •  I love being in the presence of their intelligent minds. Their minds work at warp speed. It’s very stimulating to be in their company.
  • They are often quite creative, whether it be in music, the arts, communication, writing, how they dress or how they operate out in the world. Many are great idea generators.
  • I’ve enjoyed many laughs with my ADD clients and friends. Many have a great sense of humor and can see the fun in things that other people would miss.
  • Because their ADD has led them down many bumpy roads, they tend to be more laid back and accepting of the humanness of others. They have a such a challenge keeping track of the details of their own lives that it’s probably easier to let others live their own lives without comment!
  • As fervent stimulation seekers they are great sources of interesting information in many arenas. A person with ADD is rarely boring!
  • With adequate support a person with ADD can soar to great heights in whatever arena captures their passion. Many have become dynamic thought leaders, motivational speakers, entertainers, and CEOs because of their gifts of sharp intelligence, creativity, and sense of humor.

Yes, a person with ADD has very real challenges caused by the wiring in their brain. But, there is so much more to that person that can be hidden by the wreckage resulting from their cognitive deficits. With education, support from professional organizers and coaches, and medication, it is possible to manage ADD challenges and allow the genius in these remarkable people to emerge and touch our world.