Three HVAs to Stay Organized

Mark LeBlanc, professional speaker and owner of Small Business Successs, taught me the importance of doing three high value activities (HVAs) each day to keep my focus on growing my business. Those activities can be defined by time, quantity or money. For example, I could work on my website for 30 minutes, make four calls to prospects or do one speech for $2,000. Each morning I commit to doing three specific activities that will move my business forward. As Mark recommended, I make sure each activity a baby step. That way I can be sure to get it done. Every evening I check back with myself, “Did I do my three HVAs?”

I have been doing those three HVAs for two months and have accomplished more difficult tasks in that time, ones that I would usually avoid doing, that I ever thought possible. The biggest accomplishment that has resulted from this new commitment is that I am writing every day. I had been procrastinating about starting to write my book for months! Now I just make writing a blog entry one of my three HVAs.

I was thinking that this same approach could work for those who want to make a new commitment to getting and staying organized. Every morning decide what three SMALL organizing activities will help move your forward to getting or staying more organized. Make the activities small enough to ensure your success. HVAs could include making your bed, sorting your mail, hanging up your clothes, cleaning up for five minutes at the end of the day or finding three things to give away. Make a commitment to get those three things done. At the end of the day ask yourself, did I get my three HVAs done?

I promise you that making a commitment to doing three things that will create or maintain order in your life, especially if you commit to doing things your are not already doing, your life will change dramatically. Mark said doing HVAs “is not about being productive, it’s about being deliberate.” You will change your mindset regarding organization. It’s like going from an undergraduate to a graduate-level commitment. You will become exponentially more conscious about your habits that work for you or against you. You will become more conscious of the condition of your space and the part you play in its creation. You will also find it much easier to get things done in all areas of your life, just by making sure you do three things every day to get or stay organized.

What three tiny tasks will you do today to get or stay organized?

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