Mug Feng Shui Tells a Story of Riches

As I was unloading my dishwasher today I took a look at the coffee mugs I was putting away. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that a majority of the mugs in my kitchen cabinet held good energy and special associations.

Mugs tell a story of rich relationships and memories over the years

Mugs tell a story of rich relationships and memories over the years

One mug was from Dale, a very dear friend, lovely creative spirit, and someone who lovingly spends time with my mother on many days when I can’t be there. It’s turquoise and a beautiful round shape. I smile whenever I look at or hold that mug.

Another was from Lou, a former client who is a very special gentle spirit. It’s pink with white spots. I love its association and it’s color. 

Another was from Barb, a very dear friend I had when living in Salt Lake City between 1979 and 1983. It has an artistic picture of a sheep on it. I raised sheep on my dad’s farm in Vermont for a year, and Barb knew I came away from that experience with a special love for those gentle creatures. That mug holds memories of all the support Barb offered me when I was divorcing my first husband and of the Vermont chapter in my life.

And, the most recent addition to my mug collection is a white mug with little black cats walking around its bottom edge. I gave that mug to my mom years ago because we had had a black cat named Beaut (affectionately called Beuttox or Toxity), a favorite cat among our family cats. That mug came to me just last week when we moved Mom into memory care where she has no kitchen. It holds the energy of our love for Beaut and my love for Mom.

Who knew a kitchen cabinet could be a treasure trove of my wealth of love, special memories and treasured relationships! Over the years I had been intentionally making it a point to weed out mugs that I didn’t love (the look, shape, size, association) or use. With my clutter clearing efforts I unconsciously ended up with a collection of useful items that not only appeal to me from a practical and aesthetic standpoint, but also document in physical form precious relationships I’ve had over the years.

Feng shui teaches that living exclusively with what you love or use is the way to transform your space so you can attract good things into your life. It seems to be working for me!