Clutter & Distraction

DSCN0014Clutter and distraction go hand in hand. Clutter has a very negative, noisy energy that beacons you to do something about it. I’m sure it’s pretty easy to see that the visual appearance of clutter is distracting. But, actually clutter creates layers of distraction.

Not only is clutter visually distracting, shifting a calm space to an uneasy, unsettled space, but when you look at clutter it stirs both thoughts and feelings that are also distracting. For example, picture yourself walking into a room that has pockets of clutter in it. When your eyes scan the space you might be thinking, “What a mess!” or “I can’t believe they left this room like this!” or “I’ll never get this room straight!” Those thoughts then trigger feelings like disgust, anger, hopelessness. 

Negative attracts negative. A space with pockets of negative energy in it stirs up negative thoughts and feelings. Anything negative is distracting. To get back on track you are challenged not only by the appearance of your space, but by what’s going on in your head and heart.

Where to begin? You have no direct control over your feelings. However, if you clear clutter and/or shift your thoughts to more hopeful thoughts like, “I can clear this clutter 15 minutes at a time,” or “I can clear this clutter with help from others,” negative energies will shift to positive and your feelings will follow along.

When you avoid tackling your clutter challenges, you are investing in distraction. Over time the distractions only become more negative and paralyzing. Distractions reduce productivity which in turn affects self-esteem and sense of well-being.

What will you do today to reduce clutter distractions and invest in yourself? Remember, clearing ANY clutter will reduce distractions and shift negative energies to positive.