ADHD Speech, A Calling Revealed

This past Saturday I stood before a group of about 17 people to give the seminar “ADHD: imagesCA7LLPVQChallenges & Solutions.” Most Saturdays I’d rather be home having time to myself to recover from the week, but this time I was vibrating with excitement. I was finally going to speak in front of people about a subject that is near and dear to my heart!

What’s the big deal? I’ve given many speeches, and I make a point to only speak about things about which I feel some passion. This speech was special. I’d been preparing to do it for over 15 years.

There was a time early in my career as a professional organizer where I would have told you that I’d never give a speech about ADHD. Yes, I worked mostly with people who were challenged by that brain-based condition, so I had experience with the nature of the beast. But to make sense of what I’d been dealing with in my work clutter clearing, organizing and helping clients with time and stuff management issues to be able to put it into words? No way! I, like the very clients I’d been serving, was overwhelmed at the prospect of explaining what I was observing and experiencing in homes full of clutter and lives full of turmoil and stress.

Fast forward ten years, add many more hours of experience working with ADHD clients in their homes and work spaces, add time spent one on one with a husband who has ADHD — finding ways to make our marriage work given his ADHD symptoms and my high need for order and task completion, add coach training by two trainers who both have ADHD in a coaching program with a strong emphasis on coaching people with ADHD, and experience coaching many people with ADHD, and there I was standing in front of that group ready, no, thrilled to share what I’d learned!

What was the thrill? I finally felt equipped to share information that I knew could make a real difference for a population of people I have come to know, love and appreciate, a misunderstood population of outstanding individuals who have amazing gifts to share if they could manage their ADHD symptoms.

I was also finally crystal clear about my true calling (a calling I’d tried hard to avoid): to partner with people who have ADHD so they can emerge from personal and professional lives of challenge, strife, disorganization, crisis and chaos into lives where they thrive, working with their strengths and gifts to manage their ADHD symptoms, and live lives that bring them, those that love them, and those around them real joy.

There is no greater joy than being being clear about your true calling and in the place to meet it! What is your calling? What must you do that makes your heart sing, lifts your spirits, and gives you a reason to open your eyes in the morning?

If, like many people, you aren’t clear about your life path, email me to set up a 30 minute call to explore the option of coaching to clear the clutter of your mind and develop awareness of your right path.

Take the first step to discovering your calling today!