Get Charged! An Aid for Fatigue-Caused Clutter Challenges

Fatigue — the enemy of getting and staying organized. Fatigue often wins out over doing those

Get Charged Naturally!

Get Charged Naturally!

boring, repetitious tasks that must be done daily to maintain order in our homes and offices in order to prevent clutter. 

Our fatigue comes from life’s intensity, chronic stress, chronic busyness, insufficient rest, poor sleep habits, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, too much responsibility, depression, etc. The list goes on and on. Fatigue is epidemic in our high striving culture. To survive, many people just crash when they get home. They do what they have to do at work, for their children and/or aging parents and to live up to outside obligations. But, when they get home they do the essentials, and maintenance behaviors like sorting mail, emptying shopping backs, hanging up clothes, picking up and cleaning up don’t routinely happen. And, consequently, clutter accumulates. 

I was recently reminded that one very real physical challenge that causes much of the fatigue we experience is adrenal fatigue. I say “recently reminded” because I have a history being aware and losing sight of the information that stress burns out the adrenal glands resulting in debilitating fatigue — until I too crash from fatigue.

My current crash sent me looking for relief AGAIN. I found a product that gave me immediate relief, at least temporarily. I’m so excited about my discovery that I want to share it with you. It could be just the jumpstart you need to get you up out of the fatigue ditch and back to daily clutter clearing for sanity’s sake.

It’s called Get Charged produced by The Republic of Tea, and is available in health food stores. No, it’s not another caffeine source. It’s made up of energizing herbs including ginseng and ashwagandha which aren’t addictive like caffeine. I experienced immediate benefits within a day or two — more energy, more optimism. I’m sharing this information with you because you too may benefit from this option. It could bring you some relief to the very real fatigue challenge that so many of us face every day.

Get Charged is not a miracle tea. It did not cure my adrenal fatigue. It is only one piece of the puzzle of addressing my chronic adrenal challenges. But, the tea made the fatigue less debilitating. I has given me enough relief to motivate me to seek more long-lasting options. And, it has helped me stay true to my commitment to stay organized and be productive. 

If you too struggle with chronic fatigue that shuts down daily clutter clearing, one option is to try Get Charged to address adrenal fatigue, a common cause of fatigue in our stressed out society. Do it before you’re sitting in a nightmare of your own making. If you’re already there, first get help for your fatigue. Then, get help to dig out and begin again. Living in clutter is a choice. Getting help for fatigue is one positive step that can get you moving and clearing.