Kitchen Clutter Clearing: Where to Start

Where should you start clutter clearing when faced with all the cabinets and drawers of a

Deep pantry post-purging.

Deep pantry post-purging.

kitchen, not to mention a pantry? I recommend starting with whatever area is easiest for you to deal with, preferably in a section with large items. Getting some big things out of there will release lots of stagnant energy and you’ll be encouraged by your progress. 

When I help a client clear clutter in a kitchen, I quickly try to determine where I’m most likely to find the most “dead” stuff. Dead stuff are items about which I’ll get no objection when I suggest getting rid of them. Dead means no energy, nothing appealing, no need to keep. In fact, it often feels good to get rid of dead stuff.

Often I find it’s a choice between foodstuffs that have been around since the Ice Age or the bottom or top shelf of a cabinet that holds miscellaneous occasional use items in disarray. The bigger the items, the better! Recently when choosing where to start with a client I got my answer when I opened the pantry door. The shelves were about three feet deep. I knew there would be lots of dead items hiding in the darkness beyond easy reach, especially on the upper shelves.

Sure enough, from the back end of those shelves I unearthed many items that would be risky to eat. In some cases expiration dates helped make the decision. In others my client took one look at the long lost item and exclaimed, “Oh, throw that away!”

When clearing any area, your first goal is to quickly get things moving out. When items start flowing toward the trash or the donation pile, you will feel energized. And, you’ll need that energy to keep going through all the many types of items that get housed in a kitchen!