Clear Clutter and Create Awareness

“When your life is possession-centered, the important thing is what you have; when it is

Possession-focus keeps you disconnected from yourself.

A possession-focus keeps you disconnected from yourself.

principle-centered, the important thing is who and what you are.” Nido R. Qubein

I love this quote. It really makes you think about what’s most important, what you have or who you are. “What you have” is an external focus. “Who and what you are” is an internal focus. We have far less control over things that are external to us like the opinions of others, opportunities, challenges. But, if our internal focus is the stronger of the two, we have more control and ability to make informed decisions for our well being.

Many of my clients are very attached to their things for many reasons. What’s sad is that the energies of those possessions that seem so precious can block good things coming to us, especially if their things are in great quantity and/or disorganized. Those energy blocks actually serve to keep us disconnected from ourselves, unaware of who and what we are and what really matters. 

When you release possessions you no longer love or use, you will find it much easier to think clearly, generate new awareness, generate new ideas and get clear about what’s most important.

Clear some clutter and watch your perspective shift! You will feel more empowered and grounded, connected with the important principles by which you want to live your life.