Clutter Clearing Is Hard Work . . . And, Worth It!

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“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” Helen Keller

Many people groan when I mention clutter clearing. Why? Probably because they

Clutter clearing makes peace possible.

Clutter clearing makes peace possible.

view clearing clutter as a heavy, boring, onerous task. It is hard work that requires energy, commitment and focus, those very things that are so hard to come by in a world where the norm is to go as fast as you can all the time just to keep up. That perspective keeps people stuck in their clutter and building even bigger clutter challenges.

What if you took Helen Keller’s wise words as your guide? What if you shifted your focus from the drudgery of the process to visualizing a place that is worth going to as a result of your clutter clearing efforts?

Where can clutter clearing take you?

  • to greater mental clarity
  • to loving your space again
  • to feeling better about yourself
  • to being able to find what you need when you need it
  • to increased prosperity
  • to better health
  • to being able to achieve your goals
  • to greater creativity
  • to better relationships
  • to greater peace of mind

Clutter keeps you stuck. Ridding yourself of clutter improves your life. How’s that for a new perspective about clutter clearing!

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