Clutter Clearing: Getting Started on P.E.N.S

My clients are so creative! Recently a client referred to a cluttered area of DSCN0882
her house as a P.E.N. That’s a term I’d never heard of in my many years of clutter clearing. So, I asked for a translation. I learned that a P.E.N. is a Place of Extreme Nastiness.

A P.E.N. is a wonderfully creative way to say “hot spot” or “clutter nightmare.” I’m going to venture a guess that most of us have at least one spot in our homes that could be called a P.E.N. When places get to the point of extreme nastiness it can be VERY hard to start clutter clearing.

Why? Because nasty energy is the opposite of inviting. Most of us want to avoid anything nasty. It’s also normal to find the negative energy of a nasty place overwhelming.

So, how do you get started clearing clutter from a P.E.N.? Control your focus.

The mistake that many people make is to focus on how bad, how difficult or how nasty a space is, clearly a negative focus, rather than focusing on what’s possible if the space is improved or eliminated. Bad, difficult and nasty shut you down. The vision of a clean and organized laundry room where you can easily and comfortably get your laundry done will more likely motivate you to take action.

Is your bed good feng shui?

You want a peaceful place to rest and sleep.

Focus on what you want and what good can come from clearing out a P.E.N., and you’ll find motivation to push past the nastiness. Take a deep breath and look over the nasty to find an action you can take to begin clutter clearing. Once you are off and running with the clutter clearing, the nastiness will naturally decrease.

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