Utility Room Clutter Clearing or Have Your Cleaning Products Had Babies?

It’s always interesting to see how many kinds of silver polish I find when FullSizeRenderI’m helping clients clear clutter from their utility rooms. I’m not exactly sure how it happens, but I often find duplicates of silver polish, carpet stain removal products, floor waxes, and furniture polish in particular.

I wonder if this accumulation happens because clients hear about a new, improved product and just have to try i. Or, if they just don’t remember that they already have a product. What’s also interesting is that when they discover that they have multiples of a product, they often keep all of them.

I recommend that you figure out which product works best for you, and either let go of the rest or systematically use up the extras. A good way use up a product is to put the bottle you want to use up in front of the other duplicates. It’s also always a good idea to keep smaller containers on lower shelves so they will be visible and easy to access. Even though you use many of those products only occasionally, storing them on an upper shelf guarantees that they will get lost in the bottle jungle. Make them visible and use them up! Also, make a deal with yourself that you will only buy new cleaning
products when you are sure that you need them.

Remember, things that don’t get used have a static, dead energy. Those extras are taking up prime real estate that could be better used in some other way. Get real with yourself about those that are really worth keeping! Lighten your cleanser load!

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