Kitchen Clutter: Whose Kitchen Are You Working In?

Environment displays consciousness. Whose kitchen are you working in? Does your kitchen DSCN0057
reflect the kind of cook you are, the kind of cook you once were, or the kind of cook you hope to be? Ideally you want your kitchen to reflect who you are today. In other words, it should contain only those items that you use with some regularity, not those you once used or those you might use someday when the stars are aligned properly and you suddenly have oodles of time to do gourmet cooking.

Keeping kitchen tools and equipment that you no longer use and are unlikely to use in the future, holds the energy of the past in place. They also often anchor nostalgic feelings and sadness that things have changed. Stocking up on items that you might use, but never do, keeps you yearning for more time and perhaps even resenting your current reality that doesn’t allow for the pleasure of spending more time in the kitchen.

Why not release items you no longer use? Trust that if you have a change of heart or a change of schedule, you will be able to purchase replacements. I let go of round cake pans because no matter how hard I tried, I could never make a round cake that wasn’t lopsided. I have never regretted that decision. Sheet cakes taste just as good as round cakes! I also got rid of my bundt pan because I never made that type of cake. Recently when I found a recipe that I really wanted to try, one that called for a bundt pan, I was able to pick one up at low cost at the grocery store.

Make your kitchen be an accurate reflection of your current eating habits and abilities. When you get real about your commitment to cooking or lack thereof, I predict you’ll feel more comfortable in your kitchen. It’s cabinets and drawers will be telling the truth about how the space is actually used.

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