Tips for Finding Calm Out of Home Office Chaos

I walked into a home office lined with piles. Everywhere I looked there were piles100_0674 of papers and other miscellaneous stuff. My first instinct was to turn around and return to my client’s living room where I felt so much more comfortable. That’s the truth! Yes, even professional organizers want to run away from piles of stuff and the multitude of decisions they entail if they are ever to be dissolved.

Instead of running, however, I got on my knees on the floor and started looking for a place to begin.

You see, there’s usually a way into a cluttering mess like that. What am I talking about? It’s as if something is holding all that chaos in place that if discovered and dismantled would offset the negative energy of the paper challenge and shift energies from negative to positive, making the clutter seem less daunting.

Finding the calm out of chaos.

In this case the key was a box of books on CD. I found it when I was examining the contents of the piles looking for big chunks of things that could be easily moved. I asked my client where she keeps her books on CD. She laughed and said, “Oh, everywhere!” I happen to know that she is a seeker, someone who loves learning and who really values her books on CD. And there they were, buried in her neglected piles. I said, “We’ve got to create one space for all your CDs! They are too important to be floating around!” She agreed and allowed me to search out a spot.

Lest you think I never have doubts about whether I’m doing the right thing in the right moment, you need to know that I did find myself wondering if working on the CDs was the right place to begin. I’ve done this long enough, however, to know that trusting my intuition works better than acting on my doubts. So, I kept going.

Getting the ball rolling and creating a “new order”.

The CDs came to rest in bins on shelves in one corner of her office. The act of organizing and placing her CDs all together in one location had an amazing effect on our ability to make progress in that cluttered room. Not only did it get the ball rolling, but the movement of that one chunk of the mess shifted the energy in that home office from stagnation to movement, from negative to positive. After moving the CDs to a real home, my client and I just plowed through the rest of those piles in record time. We  literally felt something akin to a high from the positive energy we had generated by creating a new order for items of real significance.

Are you avoiding an organizing challenge in your home office, perhaps one that is complicated by the negative energy of paper?

See if you can find the key that will unlock the door to your resistance. By the way, it’s not likely to be paper! Look for something of significance that you can easily move and honor by giving it a home.

Then enjoy the ride!

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