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Dogs Are Good Feng Shui

Some of you are saying, “Duh!!! Of course dogs are good feng shui!” Others of you are shaking your head and saying, “No way! They’re just too much trouble.” Well, if you’ve been following me for any time at all, or if you’ve checked out my website, you know I fall into the first group of people. I LOVE DOGS!!! I’m listening to a book on tape right now that has a dog as a significant character in the story. It is not a great book, but I find myself sticking with it and grinning from ear to ear just because of the dog’s antics.

Dogs are good energy for the following reasons.

  • They move. Anything that moves stirs up energies in a space.
  • They make us laugh by doing funny things like bow and wiggle and contort their bodies into strange shapes to get to an itch.
  • They love life and are carefree. What great models they are for us!
  • They are unconditionally loving to their owners.
  • They are easy to please. Most of them are enthusiastic about any kind of food.
  • They let us know we matter–every day, even several times a day.

And, that list just came off the top of my head. There are many more reasons that dogs are good energy. If you train your dog to be obedient and keep him/her clean and healthy, you can consider your dog(s) good feng shui and an energy enhancement in your home!

Dogs are Good Feng Shui, Good for Business!

One of the high points of my week last week was greeted by an enormous Golden Retriever, Luke, when I walked into Southern States to buy birdseed and roses. What a huge gentle giant! His energy was so calm that I felt calmer. Now, that’s good feng shui! And, finding him there, in a public space where I just didn’t expect to find a dog, was such a treat!

Haven’t you occasionally seen a cat lounging around in a bookstore or a dog hanging out inside a business? If you’re an animal lover like me, I’ll bet you also remember the store and maybe even the breed of dog.

Well-behaved welcoming cats and dogs can have such a positive effect on a commercial establishment if they are clean, well cared for and especially if they’re friendly. They can serve as unofficial greeters. They can make us pause in our rush to get everything done and take a moment out to pet them and talk to their owners about them. They really facilitate us being more human and less driven.

When I met Luke I was so taken by him that I asked his owner about him. Was he pure Golden Retriever? How much did he weigh? 101 pounds! I wouldn’t normally chat with a cashier in that way. Luke helped me stop and connect. He also left me with such a good feeling about that store. I’ll look forward to going back in hopes of seeing Luke.

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Dogs and Cats Are Good Chi!


Good Chi?

Good Chi?

Dogs and cats are yang machines! What I mean by that is they have an active energy. They energize a space and can be great enhancements to your home, business and life. They’re good chi (energy)!

There are exceptions, of course. If an animal is sick, neglected or a behavior problem, its energy may be active, but it’s not positive.

What do you think about my Oz in this photo? He looks healthy. He’s fairly well groomed. And, he’s having the time of his life, chasing the cat onto the dining room table. 

When I heard a strange noise and investigated, this is what I found. Granted, this is not what I’d consider desirable behavior for a dog of mine. But, Oz gave me a great laugh, especially with his, “What Mom?” look.

I think he’s good chi!

Cats & Dogs Understand The Power Position!

A way to empower yourself and feel utterly comfortable in any room is to place yourself in the “Power Position” with a solid wall behind you and a full view of the door.  I use that feng shui principle almost every day in the work I do, so it’s always at the forefront of my thinking.  

Recently I’ve been noticing that both my cat, Tigger, and my dogs, Jake and Oz, also get that principle.  The three of them love to join Bob and me on the bed.  They may initially settle in a position with their heads facing us, but within minutes they have adjusted themselves to face the door.  Without fail they turn and assume a final resting position with their butts toward us and their heads facing the door!  Jake even does it when he is under the covers!  

So, use the wisdom of cats and dogs. Put yourself in the Power Position!

Women Are Dog Lovers

One of the great benefits of working with people in their homes is that I get to meet many great dogs. As I’ve worked with clients who own dogs over the past decade, I’ve heard from many of my female clients that their husbands would just as soon not have a dog. They are the dog lover in the family and their insisting on having a dog has caused some friction. 

I made a mental note of that trend because I too live with a man who would rather have no dogs or just one dog when I would love to have a least three plus some boarders from time to time. I wonder why men have a problem with having dogs since their wives usually do most of the care and make arrangements for care when they are out of town. I also wondered why women insist on having dogs despite their husbands’ irritation.

If a family has a well behaved dog, I don’t really have a clue why men wouldn’t want dogs, unless they resent the fact that their wives are slightly less available to them because they have to take time to train, feed and in other ways care for their pooches. I’d love to hear other theories about this!

I can speak for myself about having to have dogs. I LOVE my dogs because they love me in ways that no one else does, including my husband. They love unconditionally. They are always happy to see me, ecstatic even! They take me as I am! They appreciate even the smallest things like peanut butter on an index finger.

I also think my dogs meet my maternal needs to nurture. I sure can’t do that with my husband. That would only annoy him! Since I haven’t had children I haven’t been able to meet those needs in any other way.

Dogs are good for my heart and soul!