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Packing to Move: Identify Box Storage Areas

Packing to move house and home can be completely overwhelming. I have

A box storage area in a guest room.

A box storage area in a guest room.

done it many times, and over the years I’ve learned that the first step to take is to identify a place or places in your home to put boxes as you pack them.

Why would this be important? One option is to pack boxes and leave them in the rooms that you’ve packed up. If you do that 1) those rooms will be cluttered with boxes, and 2) the whole house will scream, “Everything is out of control. You are ripping up your roots and moving!” Sure, you are moving, but to emotionally survive a move it’s best to keep the house as uncluttered and “normal” looking as possible.

The option I am suggesting is to pack boxes, label them and move them to an identified box storage area or areas. That way the areas you’ve packed up stay clear of boxes and continue to feel much as they were before. How can that be, you ask? After all, you’ve stripped the space by packing. Smaller items may be packed up, but the furniture remains to hold the basic room configuration in place.

If you have a two story house, I recommend at least one box storage location on each floor. Larger houses may require several box storage areas. That way when you finish packing a box you can put it in a storage area without having to deal with stairs or walking great distances.

Areas that make good box storage locations are rooms and areas that don’t get a lot of traffic like guest rooms, sun rooms, dining rooms and garages. You can also clear furniture and other items out of a section of any room to make it a box storage area.

Once you identify your box storage area, you are ready to start packing!