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Debbie Bowie’s Favorite ADHD Resources


More Attention/Less Deficit by Ari Tuckman

Women with Attention Deficit Disorder by Sari Solden

ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life by Judith Kolber & Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D.

Overload: Attention Deficit Disorder and the Addictive Brain by David Miller & Kenneth Blum, Ph.D.

Healing ADD Revised Edition: The Breakthrough Program that Allows You to See and Heal the 7 Types of ADD by Daniel G. Amen

Smart But Stuck: Emotions in Teens & Adults with ADHD by Thomas E.Brown


“Essential Oils for ADD and ADHD: Better Focus, Quicker Learning, Calm and Grounding,” https://suite.io/victoria-anisman-reiner/5rn280

“Natural Remedies for ADD and ADHD,” https://suite.io/victoria-anisman-reiner/5rd280

Online Resources

http://www.additudemag.com Great short articles!

http://www.theartofadd.com Great quotes & ADD info!

http://www.amenclinics.com/conditions/adhd-add/ Great ADD resources!

http://www.camerongott.com Great followthrough coach & blog!

ADD: How Coaching Helps 

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a neurobiological disorder that occurs because of deficits in

Coaching helps ground you and helps you learn to manage ADD symptoms.

Coaching helps ground you and helps you learn to manage ADD symptoms.

executive functions in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain that result in problems with time management, prioritizing, impulse management, decision-making, and task management. People with ADD have challenges with self-regulation — regulating time, effort, feelings and moods, productivity. Coaching is a process that helps people get to know how ADD is affecting their life, and helps them learn how to manage their ADD symptoms.

There are many misconceptions about what coaching is and how people benefit from it. After several years of coaching people with ADD I have been witness to how coaching helps people with ADD. Below is a list of  some concrete results that I have observed in my clients.

ADD Challenges and Opportunities

Challenge: lack of and/or faulty awareness

Opportunity: with a committed coach who knows ADD, you will develop awareness of ADD challenges, how they show up in you, and what works to address them

Challenge: difficulty pausing to think

Opportunity: coaching is a pause in your life to process life experience to create new awareness and learning

Challenge: difficulty engaging in action

Opportunity: with your coach identify the cause(s) of avoidance of starting tasks and identify ways to engage in tasks that work for you; practice engaging in tasks between sessions, and process your experience in the next coaching session

Challenge: completing tasks

Opportunity: with your coach identify barriers to completion and strategize ways to complete tasks, getting support for completion with accountability (coach will check in about attempts at completion the following week)

Challenge: decision-making

Opportunity: practice making decisions with the support of your coach; identify thought patterns that make decision-making difficult, and developing new strategies for decision-making

Challenge: getting stuck in negative thoughts and negative self-talk

Opportunity: create awareness of the habit of slipping into negative thinking and negative self-talk with the help of coach feedback; explore how to get unstuck, and generate other more positive perspectives

Challenge: regulating emotions

Opportunity: bring situations where you have had difficulty regulating emotions to coaching sessions to identify what leads to heightened emotions; strategize ways to be more aware of feelings, and learn how to manage them

Challenge: disorganization

Opportunity: work with your coach to identify organizing challenges and strategies and resources to address disorganization

Challenge: setting priorities

Opportunity: clarify priorities in conversation with your coach

Challenge: time management

Opportunity: practice being on time for coaching; develop better time awareness with your coach; and, learn how to use time in a way that works with your ADD brain

Challenge: low self-esteem

Opportunity: identify your gifts, passions, values and needs

The support of a coach makes ADD management and long lasting positive changes

possible for a person with ADD.