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Awareness is Essential for Clutter Clearing Success

Clutter clearing is no small feat!

Clutter clearing is no small feat!

Clutter clearing. I’m sure you’re familiar with the challenges of engaging in and completing clutter clearing tasks. Who wants to do it? Why go there where there’s a good chance you’ll feel a myriad of uncomfortable feelings, like overwhelm, disgust, sadness, regret, anger, fear. Let’s face it, clutter clearing is a challenging process at best, and an overwhelming nightmare at worst. Initiating and sustaining action to completion are no small feat!

But, you may not be conscious that engaging in action and completing clutter clearing tasks are not possible without sufficient awareness. You may be aware of the clutter pockets in your environment that need excavating, but how aware are you of what it takes to motivate yourself to take action to tackle a problem area? What’s your best time to tackle a clearing challenge, the time of day when your brain is best able to make decisions? Where is the best place to start to ensure optimal clearing? Where are the land-mines in the mix of your stuff, those things that hold energies and stir feelings that could shut you down? And, when you run into them, what’s the best way to address them to prevent fleeing the scene?

Much of this awareness can come from paying attention to what happens when you begin to clear clutter. You may notice that mornings are your best time or that you clear best with support from a family member or friend. You may notice that you always quit when you start with paper or you encounter an item associated with your childhood. But, do you take that awareness and change focus, adjust what you’re doing and continue clearing? Unfortunately what I find is that people tend to run from uncomfortable feelings of any kind. They quit and move onto something else. They don’t take the time to pause and reflect on what happened and consider other options to quitting. In so doing, they miss a valuable opportunity to generate awareness and learn the valuable lessons that could be gained from their unpleasant experience.

Another way to generate awareness is to work with a coach. Coaching is a co-created partnership with a supportive trained coach in an awareness/learning/action process. Coaching provides the time to pause and reflect on challenges like procrastination and avoidance while clutter clearing.

With the support of a coach you can become more aware of what tends to shut you down and what works for you to initiate and sustain action to completion. Obstacles that impede your progress can be identified and strategies for addressing them generated. Coaching is an opportunity to step back and create the awareness needed to successfully accomplish your clutter clearing goals.