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Make Bathroom Counter Clutter Vanish!

Take a look in your bathroom. What greets you? If your bathroom counter is covered with assorted items like toothpaste, your tooth brush, makeup, lotions, dental floss, jewelry, and other assorted items, notice the thoughts and feelings that come up as you take in the chaos. Every item on the counter is alive with energy. Each one has a different kind of energy. And, the energy of each item is talking to you all at once. That’s a lot of noise! Individually each of the items may have a positive energy because it is useful, however, collectively they have a negative energy because there are so many of them in no particular arrangement. The quantity and disorganization of those things create the roar of a crowd.

You might explain the existence of your countertop clutter by saying, “But, I use all those things every morning. It’s so convenient to have everything out there.” Yes, that may be true, but what if you could still have convenience and a lovely greeting each time you enter your bathroom?

There are several ways to silence all that noise without sacrificing convenience.

  1. Store those items in drawers and under the sink if your vanity has those types of storage spaces. Underneath sinks in many bathrooms can be as chaotic as the countertops. You can remove clutter from the counter and improve the condition underneath your sink by putting all the large items you use every day, like deodorant, body lotions, mousse, etc., in one basket or bin under the sink. When you need to use those things you can either grab the basket, place it on the counter, and return it when you are finished using its items. Or, you can leave the bin under the sink and retrieve items from the it, use them, and immediately return them to the bin. Smaller items like makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, lip gloss, etc. can be stored in an easy-to- access  drawer, preferably a top drawer. To prevent that drawer from becoming a jumble of miscellaneous things, add several small containers to hold specific items. I have a container with my makeup, one for dental floss, and one for lip gloss, etc.
  2. Store items in colorful containers placed on the countertop, the back of the toilet, shelving over the toilet or on shelves in an easy-to-access bathroom closet. You can have a “used every day” container and separate containers for extra supplies or have separate bins for the different categories of things you use in the bathroom. In order to find things easily I recommend that you assign one category per container. For example, one container could be for all makeup. Another for oral hygiene products. A third for medications used frequently. 

Clearing bathroom countertop clutter will accomplish several things.

  • It will immediately transform your noisy, unattractive, overwhelming and even stressful bathroom into a comfortable place for daily self-care.
  • It will allow you to more easily inventory what you use every day. With that information you can order products in a timely manner and avoid panic purchases when you run out of products. And, because you know exactly what you have, you can prevent purchasing products you already have.
  • It will create the opportunity to discard items that you no longer use, empty containers, and accumulated trash.
  • It will be easier to keep your countertop clean.
  • If you create a “used every day” container what you need will be at your fingertips, and you will be able to complete your grooming more quickly.

Bathroom counter clutter creates a feeling of chaos in a place where you start and end your day. The negative energy it generates affects your energy and causes stress. There is much chaos in daily life that you have no control over. Seize control and reduce your stress where you can, starting with your bathroom countertop.

Great Clutter Clearing Results: Come in Through the Side Door!

Clutter clearing can take on a life of its own!

Mission accomplished by accident!

Mission accomplished by accident!

I think many of us expect ourselves to be able to tackle clutter clearing head on, full steam ahead. The truth is that many times clutter clearing happens by sneaking in through the side door. We slide into it while attempting to accomplish another task.

Today I made time to unpack a big box of shampoos and other toiletries. I had been putting off this task because I knew I’d have to do some rearranging of my bathroom storage areas to find room for all the items I had purchased. I’m not a fan of digging out under bathroom sinks and working in bathroom drawers. Those spaces tele to melt down into rather icky, dirty spaces over time. But, I had so much product to put away that I had no choice but to bite the bullet and dive under the sinks in our two bathrooms. When I began I really had no intention to do any clutter clearing.

However, once I got started under the sink in our main bathroom and began clearing out items that had been there too long, I was on a clutter clearing roll. In the process of putting toiletries away I identified items to be tossed and took a few minutes to create a new order in that space. This task took less than 10 minutes.

High on the success of cleaning out under the sink I next went to my drawer in that same bathroom to put away some lip balm. When doing that I noticed that the container holding the lip balm was dirty with makeup and hair. Out came the storage containers to be washed. Into the trash went some old lip balms and other miscellaneous items that were never used. The finishing touch was to wipe out the drawer, ridding it of makeup powder and hair. This task took less than 10 minutes.

In the process of emptying the drawer I found some things that should be stored in the bathroom off the master bedroom. So, off I went to that bathroom.

I think I mentioned that I don’t enjoy clearing out under bathroom sinks. My first instinct when I opened the cabinet under the sink was to toss the toiletries from the other bathroom into a bin  and called it quits. However, I had more supplies that needed to be stored somewhere. So, I persevered.

While under the sink I found travel size toiletries that could be stored with our travel supplies and some supplies that were outdated and could be tossed. Out they came! I rearranged the space to hold my shampoo supplies and left that area holding only those things I am very likely to use in the future. This took less than 10 minutes.

While I was in clearing mode I decided to take a look at the single drawer in that bathroom. It held lots of little items which made me want to slam the drawer shut and save the task for another day. Little stuff can have that effect on your brain! But, the professional organizer in my head reminded me that the task would only take minutes, and then I’d know what was in the drawer. As I pulled things out I realized I had all kinds of creams that I never use and some that were outdated. I decided to keep a few and the rest went into the trash! Once those “dead” items were gone it was much easier to reorganize the drawer. Mission accomplished in less than 10 minutes.

The travel toiletries that I found under the sink led me to a storage cabinet in my bedroom where I had the opportunity to do some clearing and rearranging as well. The space was a jumble of little items just tossed in there one at a time. I put all  the extra travel toiletries in a single container to make them easy to find and reorganized that space. Done in less than 10 minutes.

Finally I checked the other drawers and sections of that cabinet to reacquaint myself with what I had stored there. In the process I found a large magnet I use for lower back pain. I thought I’d loaned it to someone and hadn’t gotten it back. What a great find! It was like the reward for my bathroom clutter clearing.

What started as a mission to put some toiletries away ended up being a one hour bathroom clutter clearing experience that left me with 5 spaces cleared and reorganized. If I had planned all that clearing I might have estimated about 1.5-2 hours to accomplish all that clearing — a time investment I might have put off indefinitely. But, because I needed to make space for a large quantity of supplies I was able to slide into that clutter clearing, without the angst that comes with committing to a big project. I slid into it from the side door and then kept rolling on fueled by how good it felt to toss old supplies, make space for new, and create new order for good visibility and easy access of things I am likely to use.

Look for those opportunities to do little bursts of clutter clearing by coming in through the side door, having the clutter clearing happen in the process of getting another task done. It’s a great way to experience the benefits of clutter clearing without ever having to face the “I’ve got to clear clutter” monster.