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Cram-It Method of Cleanup Creates a Clutter Nightmare


The result of the cram-it method of cleanup — a clutter nightmare!

We’ve all been there. Company is coming and you look around your home in dismay. What will you do with all the clutter? You can’t have anyone see the way you live. What do you do? Grab a bag or box and cram all the stuff that is cluttering your space into it. Problem solved. The clutter is gone. . . momentarily. But, is it really gone?

What happens to those bags and boxes? They get stuck in a closet, the basement, garage or attic. Once they are there they grow roots and stay put, little cesspools of negative energy that only get more negative over time. Do you feel inclined to pull them out and go through their contents? No! The negative energy of their mixed contents is overwhelming and shuts down any motivation to address those bags and boxes. Plus, much of their contents is not important enough to motivate you to go through them.

If you continue the cram-it method of cleanup without clearing out those bags and boxes, you are planting a garden of negative energy in your home. The longer those containers go unaddressed, the harder it will be to muster the motivation to empty them out and make decisions about what to do with their contents. Also, like energy attracts like energy. Boxes of unprocessed stuff will attract more boxes of unaddressed stuff. The end result? A clutter nightmare!

The cram-it method of cleanup can quickly become a habit because it provides instant gratification. Couple that with “I’ll get to it later” thinking and you have a recipe for serious clutter problems.

What is your alternative?

  1. Create new habits. Make putting things away on a daily basis a priority so you can restore order to your home with minimal cleanup. When company is expected, use that event as your cue to put things away. Returning items to their “homes” takes a lot less time than it will take to excavate the clutter heaps you create.
  2. Make time to create homes for everything, and clear out spaces so that everything has a home that is easily accessible.
  3. Hire a professional organizer to help you clear clutter and create homes for everything if you are unable to  motivate yourself to set up your space so that your belongings can be put away easily. 

When you avoid the cram-it method of cleanup you are choosing to live clutter-free!