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New Clothes Lead to Clutter Clearing

Do you have cluttered dresser drawers? Are your drawers packed so full you can’t get anything else in them? Have you stopped putting items in your drawers because it’s too much trouble to cram anything more in them?

2015-08-29 07.37.10Recently I acquired two new shirts to go in my dresser. My shirt drawer had been filling up, and by the time I needed to add those two shirts it was screaming, “No more!” Instead of just cramming them in I decided to practice what I preach, “When you bring in a new item of clothing, make sure you get rid of one. If you want to reduce the volume of clothes you have, get rid of two for every one you bring in.”

I pulled the shirts out and separated them into three piles: T-shirts, short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts. As I looked at each shirt I thought about 1) how I look in it, 2) how 2015-08-29 07.39.46often I’d worn it in the last year, 3) what condition it was in, and 4) whether I loved wearing it or not. I just got real when I looked at all my shirts, and was able to let go of a pile of shirts instead of the just two.

When you get too many shirts in a drawer, you can’t see all of them easily. When things can’t be seen, you don’t use them. So, why have them? When you have fewer shirts neatly stacked by type, you can glance at them all quickly and very easily access all your shirts, even one at the bottom of a stack.

An "in control" shirt drawer.

An “in control” shirt drawer.

What does your shirt drawer look like? This is what mine now looks like. It’s amazing how wonderful it feels to have an “in control” shirt drawer full of my favorite shirts.