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Your Personal Closet Is a Reflection of You!

Your personal closet is the most important closet in the house. Well, from a DSCN1100feng shui perspective it is! Your closet is an outward extension of you. Your clothes hold your energy. Take a look at your closet. How are you doing right now? Are you calm, spacious and organized? Or, are you a chaotic jumble of stuff?

How can I be so certain of the significance of your closet?

For thirteen years I’ve helped people clear and organize their closets. I have helped clients make decisions about what to keep and what to toss using the “Love It, Use It or Lose It Method” of clutter clearing. Clothing items that were loved or used have the best energy and were kept. Those that were not loved or used at least once a year were tossed. By going through that process over and over again with clients, it was very apparent that clothing held important associations with the different aspects of their lives, some of which were current and some that were outdated.

During the clearing process clients had the chance to “get current” about who they’d become by identifying those clothes they still loved, that still fit, that made them look attractive, that were comfortable, and that were useful given their current activities. In the process they let go of volumes of clothing that was too small, suited to a former occupation only, that felt uncomfortable, that fit poorly, that was of poor quality, that held  negative associations, and that was permanently stained.

When we finished our clearing sessions each client had more clarity about their current self, who they were the day of our clearing session–their current values, lifestyle, and preferences in terms of comfort, color and styles. Clients went from overwhelmed and scattered to clear and empowered within the space of two hours!

Go into your closet and set your intention to create a space that is an accurate reflection of who you are today. With each clothing item ask yourself, “Does this item accurately reflect who I am today? Does it reflect who I want to be today?” If the answer to either question is no, let it go! Get clear. Get current. And, get empowered!

New Clothes Lead to Clutter Clearing

Do you have cluttered dresser drawers? Are your drawers packed so full you can’t get anything else in them? Have you stopped putting items in your drawers because it’s too much trouble to cram anything more in them?

2015-08-29 07.37.10Recently I acquired two new shirts to go in my dresser. My shirt drawer had been filling up, and by the time I needed to add those two shirts it was screaming, “No more!” Instead of just cramming them in I decided to practice what I preach, “When you bring in a new item of clothing, make sure you get rid of one. If you want to reduce the volume of clothes you have, get rid of two for every one you bring in.”

I pulled the shirts out and separated them into three piles: T-shirts, short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts. As I looked at each shirt I thought about 1) how I look in it, 2) how 2015-08-29 07.39.46often I’d worn it in the last year, 3) what condition it was in, and 4) whether I loved wearing it or not. I just got real when I looked at all my shirts, and was able to let go of a pile of shirts instead of the just two.

When you get too many shirts in a drawer, you can’t see all of them easily. When things can’t be seen, you don’t use them. So, why have them? When you have fewer shirts neatly stacked by type, you can glance at them all quickly and very easily access all your shirts, even one at the bottom of a stack.

An "in control" shirt drawer.

An “in control” shirt drawer.

What does your shirt drawer look like? This is what mine now looks like. It’s amazing how wonderful it feels to have an “in control” shirt drawer full of my favorite shirts.